As a little boy, I used to spin round and round and make noises while waving my hands back and forth in the air. My family called it “explosions”. They didn’t get why or what I was doing so they just laughed and let me do it without asking too many questions. They figured it must be a passing phase. They were asking me: “Alon, will you still be making explosions when you’re twenty?” And I always replied, “yes.” I looked for a way to silence them so they would let me focus.

I remember what those explosions were. It was my imagination expressed in the most liberated way possible, it was my creations. I conjured up music, films, stories and scenarios in my head. I created worlds, places, characters and imagined it all to details. I would think, pretend, imagine, and let my thoughts run wild.

In fact, I have never stopped making explosions. The only difference is that today, everyone can hear them.